Testimonials 2015-present

Brenda is an extraordinary teacher. I worked with her in the weeks leading up to a performance and in just five lessons she had a transformative effect on my playing. Her depth of knowledge, patient approach and forensic attention to detail are inspiring, and I count myself fortunate to have studied with her! .. Feni Ajumogobia, August 9th 2018

I started having piano lessons with Brenda two years ago in order to achieve ABRSM diploma and I could pass under Brenda's instruction.

Brenda always inspires me as she shows a great enthusiasm on learning and researching piano performance. She encourages me to study more. I have learnt how to prepare for recitals and she always has been recommending me to find interesting pieces and books to read. I really enjoy preparing different types of repertoire with her.

I would give my highest recommendation to any level piano student that seeks improvement. .. Boram Choi, an adult student 2018

Under the tuition of Brenda Ogdon, my piano technique has improved no end. I have the conviction to tackle harder repertoire with greater skill and ease. I have successfully completed two performance diplomas under her direction, the new ARSM syllabus and LTCL recently. Her technical expertise is substantial and she is always ready with suggestions on how to improve performance. .. Andrew Tait, an adult student 2018

All eight girls, their teachers, and others who came into your session were very taken by what they saw and heard. I thought you struck just the right balance between warmth and encouragement, and finding ways to improve small passages or general playing. .. Mr. Edward Whiting, Director of Music, Benenden School 2017

Needless to say that it is an immense privilege to have Brenda as my piano teacher. As an adult beginner, Brenda has made me feel really comfortable and has successfully taken me through my fourt ABRSM grade. Brenda is a fantastic experienced teacher, accommodating, patient but firm, very encouraging and generous with her time and advice. She operates with the highest standards and only wants (and expects) the best for her students to succeed in their musical journey. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player wanting to grow your technical skills I would recommend Brenda as your piano teacher. .. Wilfred Bellaiche, an adult student 2016

Studying with Brenda is a great privilege and a pleasure. She captures mistakes as you make them, gives tips on how to improve, and has been responsive to questions over email. She is frank but not admonishing. As an added bonus, she peppers her lessons with anecdotes about her late, great husband, John Ogdon.  .. Jack Flanagan, an adult student 2016

Lessons with Brenda have taken my playing to a whole new level. Like many adult learners I had flourished at school and then lost that drive to keep playing as much without lessons and opportunities to perform. With Brenda I have been able to pass my ABRSM Diploma and start working towards the LTCL, which I did not think possible as an amateur, working full time. .. Liza Hammerton, an adult student 2016

Several years ago I started having piano lessons with Brenda, having never played a musical instrument in my life. Despite being a professional pianist and having an in-depth knowledge of music, Brenda is an exceptionally patient teacher and is able to work with students of all levels, often giving them opportunities to perform in public and at competitions. She has enabled me to develop confidence and has been hugely committed to my progress. .. Elizabeth Dean, an adult student 2016

Brenda is an enthusiastic and hard-working teacher. Her experience speaks for itself and and every lesson leaves me feeling inspired. She is dedicated, learning all of my ABRSM diploma pieces herself, so her advice is precisely focused on how to get the best out of every piece of music. I feel very lucky to be studying with her. .. Gary Connor, an adult student 2016

I am an amateur pianist who had never played with an orchestra before - a life time ambition. Brenda provided tremendous support and encouragement together with insight and invaluable tuition. This gave me the confidence to go on and perform with an orchestra at Cadogan Hall in London. Thank you Brenda. .. David Lavers, an adult student 2016

I feel privileged to have crossed my life’s path with Brenda. She has been such a gift to me. I have found Brenda’s wealth of experience instrumental to moving forward with piano. Brenda nurtures talent. I have enormous respect for Brenda. .. Sally Aslett, an adult student 2016

"Brenda is a marvellous teacher - she is a wonderful musician who can really convey and explain technique and musicality. She understands the pressures of day-to-day life. Above all she makes one want to do one's very best for her." .. Shira O'Reilly, an adult student 2016

...Thank you much for the Master Class! It was incredibly helpful for me. I feel like I have made a step forward with my performance fear. It was such a pleasure to hear all your other students. Thank you for all your support and encouragement... .. Sue Curtis, an adult student 2015

...A brilliant teacher and good friend..... Simon Abbot, an adult student 2015

...The submission was a well crafted and clearly structured piece of work, punctuated with many music examples, most of which were intelligently chosen and helped to illustrate points raised. The impressive bibliography and footnotes testified to the level of research which had gone into the submission and the confusing pages brought together the raisin strands of argument presented...Feedback from Viva Voce section for Marcella Yuwono Halim, student 2015, the second student ever to pass the FRSM in Indonesia

... Brenda is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and phenomenal pianist. From the music of J.S Bach to Olivier Messiaen, she has helped me drill down to the absolute detail on the page and has provided a very bright insight to my appreciation of music. Extremely modest and also knowledgeable about other world class pianists when it comes to discussing style and interpretation, she is a legend in her own right.. Simon Abbott, an adult student 2011

... To develop both technique and a mature approach to music you need a special type of teacher - one who not only knows how to play their instrument to the highest levels but also one who can help you grow musically.
Anyone who loves to play the piano and wants to make a quantum leap in their standard of playing should jump at the opportunity to study with Brenda... John Percy-Davies, an adult student 2011

... Brenda Lucas Ogden is a very inspiring and encouraging teacher who is prepared to tailor her tuition to suit the individual pupil (of any age).  She is always sympathetic about problems encountered as well as having a delightful sense of humour.... Molly Davies, an adult student 2011

...  I have always felt extremely privileged to have found Brenda! Her wealth of experience in professional piano performance and the years of her teaching experience have given me a wealth of technical ability and the confidence to progress in my own performance. I am currently at Licentiate level and enjoy Brenda's lessons so much that I will continue to, hopefully, achieve Fellowship Level. I know that Brenda is up for it providing I put in the work as well!! This journey with Brenda has always been fun and fulfilling..... Sally Aslett, an adult student 2011

... I take the opportunity to thank you for teaching all four children, who really enjoy your lessons.... Christine Woernle, parent of 4 child students 2011

…I have had the privilege of taking piano lessons with Mrs Ogdon. Brenda's meticulous attention to details, knowledge and performance skills as a teacher and a pianist impressed me deeply and gave me motivation to achive higher in piano playing. With her positive approach and wise counsel, it has enabled me to build my confidence in performance. Thank you so much for your support!... Mamiko Watanabe, an adult student, 2011

Testimonials 2010

…"I wanted to thank you for your extremely positive teaching, which after a break of several years from playing helped me to achieve my highest standard ever. Having last had lessons at school whilst doing my Grade 8, it is thrilling to have achieved my ABRSM diploma and it could not have been done without your help and instruction. You have always enabled me to gain so much more from everything I play with your insight, vast knowledge and kind support. Thank you very much … Liza Hammerton, an adult student, 2010

… on your teaching, which has been wonderful and inspiring. Considering that I was below Grade 8 level and very rusty when I began I have been amazed in reaching nearly Diploma level in only a little over a year. Your support and insight have opened my eyes and ears, and have had a huge effect not only on my playing but also on my understanding and enjoyment when listening to all types of music … I feel that I have achieved a huge amount with your support over the last 18 months … Laura Hulme, an adult student, 2010

Many congratulations on such a distinguished result. I'm delighted for you. All good wishes, Julian. (regarding LRSM) Julian Jacobson, Professor of Piano, Royal College of Music

… I have never heard of such a high mark (regarding LRSM) Christopher Elton, Head of Keyboard, Royal Academy of Music

Inspirational piano teacher.  In three years that my son Luca was with Brenda he achieved three distinctions and numerous merits both in practical and theory exams.  Luca, only nine, reached grade 5 this year with ease, confidence and joy that is every parents dream to find a good teacher that will nurture their son's talent and continued progress.  Brenda provides well balanced music education with regular opportunities for invaluable experience of public performance and meeting other pupils including Christmas Concert, video taped charity fundraising event, attending first festival - taking home honours.  Highly professional teacher with excellent rapport with her enchanted pupil, promoting same qualities in this youngster with firmness and warmth that as a parent I can only highly recommend Brenda to any parent and Luca says with delight: "Mrs Odgon is the best, kindest teacher.  I look forward going to piano lessons with Mrs Odgon". Mr and Mrs C Sotello

Testimonials pre 2010

In a short time Mrs. Ogdon has won my daughter's respect and admiration. She has furthered our whole family's interest in piano music, and has got my daughter the very high examination marks I wanted. None of this should be very surprising given who Mrs Ogdon is. (The facts are amply recorded elsewhere: CV, press cuttings, etc.).
     Not one given to extravagance, I have declined to follow up other, unsolicitied, lower priced offerings of tuition. Mrs Ogdon's teaching, her example and her skill are worth every penny. In a word: outstanding, and completely without fault. A rarity. Mr. Frank Nosworthy

May I take this opportunity to say how much I am enjoying your tuition and guidance.  The improvement of my playing, technique and approach is far beyond my expectations. A. Cobb, an adult student

I wanted to write and tell you how much I am enjoying and feeling the benefit of my piano lessons.
     When I came to you some two years ago, I had not played for a twenty year period and thought it would take me a long time to get back to my previous Grade 8 standard.  However, through a combination of your rigour and inspiration, my confidence and technique have developed to bring me up to a standard where I can cope with Grade 8 pieces - and beyond!
     Further, given your performance background, your attention to the detail of performance has illuminated some of my favourite pieces and increased my enjoyment in playing them.
     So thank you for all the hard work. Susan, a diploma student